Retaining Walls


Retaining walls do double duty – hold back a mound of soil; yet give you living space and a striking part of landscaping – if your wall is designed and installed by our professional landscapers. We will engineer protection and beauty at your home or commercial property.

Retaining walls turn slopes into space you can enjoy
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A work of engineering that is a thing of beauty

Beauty: Most home and business owners choose stonework, because it can be distinctly modern or comfortably traditional. A beautiful investment in trees, plants, and flowers can offset stone, masonry or brick. Retaining walls can tier, or step up, which many homeowners and our landscape designers find attractive.

Engineering: A tier is also a more efficient design for controlling erosion. This is where the engineering comes in. A wall is holding back a lot of dirt, which exerts a lot of pressure. Tiered designs break up the amount of soil and divide the pressure among sections.

  • Your wall must be large and strong to stand up to the pressure of a slope, and to redistribute it (more engineering!). It is normally designed with drainage to allow ground water to escape. Water adds more pressure; draining “holes” help keep retaining walls stable.

Because you have chosen us, you can depend upon a careful design that will battle gravity. Precise engineering is required to prevent tons of soil from sliding and doing damage to landscape and your outdoor furniture. On the outside, it will look like a stack of stones, or concrete block, or even timber. But within is the design our landscape contracting experience custom-made for your sloping yard.

Some folks need them, some folks want retaining walls

If your landscape is sloped, and water runoff is causing hillside erosion, it is usually a very necessary place to locate a barrier. Other necessary places can include:

  • Areas downhill from soil fault lines
  • If the downhill side of a foundation is losing supporting soil
  • Its uphill side is under pressure from sliding soil

If you want retaining walls to add beauty to your landscape design, it will add architectural interest and create usable space in a yard. You have five distinct “looks” to choose from.

  1. Interlocking blocks
  2. Stacked stone,
  3. Brick or block
  4. Concrete
  5. Stacked timber

You want our landscape contractor expertise if you have a wall and it is failing. If it is bulging, cracked or leaning, clearly it is not properly designed, installed or draining. We have years of experience repairing blowouts, wet-soil failure, and frost heave failure.

Retaining walls blowout when there is too much of a load at the top. The wall leans, and eventually tips over. We will generally have to retro-fit the proper strength. We will re-engineer the wall.

Wet-soil failure happens when soil behind the wall saturates. The soil is heavy and the pressure topples the wall. It’s a drainage issue and we can solve it.

Frost-heave failure is the cousin of wet-soil problems, except the water saturating the soil freezes, heaves up and breaks apart the construction. Don’t worry: we can fix it, too.

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Retaining walls seem simple. Doing them correctly is not.
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