Overseeding Lawn

Overseeding a lawn gives you the lushness of a golf course as well as the density of a professional sports field, because it is the landscaping technique preferred by professional sport and recreational turf managers. It is our landscape experts’ best tool for restoring your lawn to dense, green turf without having to dig out a single blade of your current grass or lay a piece of sod.

Our overseeding lawn techniques are affordable, efficient and effective
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We increase the number of grass blades per square inch, over the entire seeded area. You increase your enjoyment of your front and backyard lawn, or restore the professional image of your commercial property.

Top five benefits of overseeding lawn treatments

  1. Brown, thin and weedy grass becomes green and thick
  2. New grass is bright green, making a tired lawn vivid again.
  3. Seeding various varieties keeps a lawn healthier
  4. The more grass, the more it can naturally battle weeds and pests
  5. We sew new grass varieties that have been bred to ward off disease

How overseeding lawn management is done
We sow seed directly among the existing blades of grass. Often we remove weeds first, and mow very short. The living grass acts as a mulch to hold the seed, which grows and covers scalped areas. Weeds have no room to grow and so they don’t return. Thin grass invites weeds. The process is usually accomplished over a couple of days, spaced apart. A watering schedule is essential and aerating combined with fertilizing can help ensure the new sprouts get an additional boost. The time from germination to enjoyment is not long.

The best times of year for overseeding lawn scheduling are fall, and spring. Cool season grasses do best in fall, but March and April also work. Fall seeding gives you a new spring carpet; spring seeding gets you ready for summer outdoors.

The importance of a soil test
We will scoop up some dirt, and have it tested for pH levels and other nutrient properties. This enables us to correct any imbalances in the soil, to make it a perfect host for the seedlings. In addition, this test will help our landscape professionals determine the varieties of grass that will do well on your lawn. Once you are enjoying your refurbished turf, we recommend periodic soil testing to make certain the environment is right to sustain the density and color overseeding lawn efforts produced.

You can have it done every year
The professionals who oversee sports fields, golf courses and parks have used the technique for years, committing to overseeding lawn schedules annually to keep the turf thick and resistant to constant use. On your home lawn, winter and wear will cause some annual thinning of areas, as will snow mounds. Have us back to repeat the process. The longest experts recommend you go between seeding is four years. To keep your lawn looking healthy you will want to have the process repeated on at least some portions each year.

Fertilizers are not enough
Feeding plants encourages the growth you have, but does little to encourage new sprouts. In addition, weeds don’t mind eating, either. The truest weed control is a density that crowds out germination. In addition, any grass gets tired. No plant lives forever, and no amount of fertilizer will correct that. Homeowners assume that with fertilizer, water and mowing it will last forever, but nature doesn’t work that way.

Overseeding lawn methods work
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