Lawn Fertilization


Lawn fertilization ensures your grass has the nutrients – and the disease and pest resistance it needs – to grow healthy, strong, thick and vibrantly colored. Overfeed it or underfeed it and you get the opposite effect. Unfortunately improper fertilization is common when people attempt do-it-yourself lawn care. This is why professional lawn feeding is vital for homeowners and property owners and managers.

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People who have been handling their own lawn care tell us that after the very first service call we make, they see the health of their lawn jump started. Grass is tough in the face of inclement weather, disease and pests. Give it herbicides, pesticides and lawn fertilization, and the payback is nearly immediate. You don’t have to wait until your lawn is sick to call us. Good lawn service involves preventive care.

Lawns truly do have individual needs. That’s why we will perform soil testing before we put anything on the grass or in the soil. This ensures that the lawn fertilization will work. The lab test determines the quality of water the soil is getting and whether there are any chemical inequities in the soil. An optimal base for fertile grass is achieved with a measured mix of nutrients, acid (lime) and other lawn care elements. Our lawn care professionals will use the information they glean from the soil sample to adjust the pH. They can correct the organic makeup to make certain the roots, stems and blades are getting peak care.

Lawn owners find this soil test to be valuable beyond the health of the earth under the grass. If you have flower beds and bushes, this greenery is drawing sustenance from the same soil. Lawn fertilization pays dividends for all of the landscaping at your home or commercial property. Our technicians who come to your property are well trained in applying the exact amounts of additives that we have determined your lawn needs. They take care not to waste your money by using too much, which simply runs off and can damage the environment. They also know that using too little inhibits growth.

Lawn aeration is an important adjunct to lawn fertilization. It is vital to make a path for oxygen to get down to the roots and to give them “room to breathe”. Healthy grass is strangled in soil that is compressed. Aerated soil allows the fertilizer to get directly to the roots. Loosening the soil enables the tentacles of the root system to reach out and absorb both applied and inherent nutrients in the soil. It allows rain and watering to thoroughly soak the soil. Compacting encourages thick thatch or bare spots. An aeration treatment literally helps your lawn help itself.

We will make certain that your grass is getting the water it needs, and will advise on a watering schedule as part of your lawn fertilization service. Part of consistent good care of your lawn involves monitoring moisture. We are always delighted to discuss opportunities to “go green” when we are caring for your lawn. There are organic fertilizers and additives, and there are natural practices (such as aeration) that are environmentally friendly while being grass friendly. Let’s talk about “the care and feeding” of your lawn. It’s our business, and it is our pleasure.

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