Lawn Care

Professional lawn care takes the guesswork – and the work – out of maintaining a lush lawn. Nothing is certain except that grass needs mowing and trimming. It needs food. Your lawn needs our special brand of grooming and managed care.

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Any service can cut the grass. We nurture your greenery.

  • Removing pests
  • Battling disease
  • Proper fertilization
  • Monitoring blade height at every mowing
  • Irrigation

Herbicides and pesticides are essential to good lawn care. Killing weeds, battling disease, and banishing pests require specific treatments. We know what to do. You have two general types of herbicides and pesticides: pre-emergence or post-emergence.

Post emergence can be a bit like herding cats. Go after one, and another gets loose while you’re not looking. There are hundreds of species of weeds and disease organisms. That’s why our year round lawn care service employs professional-grade pre-emergence treatments. We are attuned to keeping grass safe for kids and pets. If you’re just bringing us aboard, we may use the option of a post-emergence treatment.

Fertilizing works – in professional hands: Before we put anything on or in your lawn, we do soil testing. It’s important to know how much lime and fertilizer your soil needs for optimal growth. This soil test is not only for turf, but your garden and other landscaping depend on the same soil and nutrients in it. It can be damaging to use too much, or too little. Using more than you need wastes cash and runoff damages the environment. Not enough stunts growth and leave soils bare, risking erosion. Our lawn care professionals will take the sample and test it for water quality, chemical hazards, and to ensure it is a fertile home for grass. We adjust pH and organic content and monitor it as part of the lawn care schedule we draw up for you.

  • Over-fertilization is a top killer of grass. Homeowners seem to think that if some is good, more is better. You can over-feed living things, including grasses. We pride ourselves on the care we take to ensure just the right amount of fertilizer for optimum health.

Monitoring blade height is a more important part of lawn care than some realize. Every time we cut the grass, we factor in temperature, rainfall and the overall health of the blades. If grass is scalped, especially in warm or dry weather, it will burn. It becomes more susceptible to disease and pests. How high to leave the blades is not guesswork, but landscape training.

Controlled irrigation is essential to maintaining a lush and healthy lawn. We can advise on permanent systems, and on the best routine for giving your property the liquid nourishment it requires.

A word about Fido – dogs can damage grass with their urine, feces and continuous traffic. It is a myth that a small amount of dog feces is pretty good fertilizer. Meat eating animals do not produce manure for plants. Only the waste of plant eaters can be taken up by plants. In other words, for the sake of your lawn, scoop the poop. Digging by dogs can destroy turf instantly and destroy the level grade of your lawn. Usually this occurs with younger dogs that are more active and playful. This is a repair we can make while servicing your property.

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