Lawn Aeration

Lawn aeration gives you the healthy, lush grass you see on golf courses. The secret weapon of groundskeepers is aerating. It breaks up thatch, improves drainage, gets oxygen to the roots and invites the microbes that naturally do battle with disease and unwanted growth.

Lawn aeration gives your home or commercial property healthy grass
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Compacted soil is the enemy of a lush lawn
Pests, diseases and not enough or too much water often get the blame for a sickly lawn, when soil compaction is the root problem. That’s no pun: that’s the problem. The roots are not getting the oxygen, water, and food they need.

We use specially-designed aerating machines that, when driven over turf, remove small plugs of soil, roughly ½ inch in diameter, each plug about 3 inches apart (this varies). This is called “core aeration” and it is very effective for lawns that get a lot of traffic and heavily thatched areas. Lawn aeration picks up where watering, fertilizing and mowing leaves off. They don’t guarantee a greener, thicker lawn. Professional greens keepers aerate. It’s part of our professional landscape services for residential and commercial customers.

Earthworms are prevented from doing natural lawn aeration. Worms move the surface layer; letting in the good stuff (it’s why a heavy rain will wash some worms to the surface). But they cannot survive in compacted soil.

Have lawn aeration as part of scheduled service.Attention to proper soil compaction all year round heads problems off at the pass. We can make it part of our lawn maintenance program, if you choose. It is the best way to control thatch, allow thin spots to fill in, and bring a lawn back to life.

Lawn aeration saves water. You don’t have to water as often, or user as much, because the moisture gets to the roots as it should.

Ask to see a core sample from your lawn. It will clearly show you the thatch layer. You will easily see how it is strangling your grass and making the soil too thick for air and nutrients to penetrate. On compacted soil, fertilizer essentially washes away. It never gets into the ground. It does wash into bodies of water as pollution.

Here are the top five reasons to let your lawn breathe and properly utilize natural and applied fertilizers

  1. Oxygen gets to the roots
  2. Organic fertilizers and applications of nutrients get to the root system
  3. Water is able to better soak the soil and reach the root system
  4. Taking out the plugs thins out thatch; healthy grass naturally battles it
  5. Tight, compacted soil is loosened up allowing the root system to grow

How do you know you need lawn aeration?
Grass grows old. It will not live forever, and it does not live well in compacted soil. Dirt compacts with heavy usage; kids playing, sports activity, dogs running, bikes, and long-lasting snow mounds. Improper drainage that causes wet spots causes compaction of the earth; ironically shutting out the water the roots need. Think of aerating as creating pores for the soil. These pores let air in, let food in, and let in water. Compacted soil closes pores and increases the distance between those that are left. This results in poor top growth and lawn deterioration.

Lawn aeration can be scheduled as soon as soil thaws from winter freezing.
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