Commercial Lawn Maintenance


Commercial lawn maintenance guarantees the current appearance and future growth of the lawn and grounds of your business or commercial property. Plus it is an investment in the image of your enterprise, because lawn and grounds can form the first impression for visitors and customers. Discover what commercial property owners, home owner’s associations, apartment complexes, and your neighbors know: a wise investment in the care of your property pays dividends annually.

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Why we recommend care year-round
As with any investment, proper attention increases value. The term “managed care” describes what’s best for grass, trees and shrubs. Just as with your personal health, managed care of lawns and greenery is important. Remember, this is about image. You don’t want your lawn to look less manicured in winter, either.
A commercial lawn maintenance plan can eliminate “urgent care” in the spring, and this can save you money. You know that it is far more cost effective to have teeth cleaned than pulled. It also makes budget sense to provide year-round attention to keep your grounds healthy and avoid costly “surgery” and replacement of sod, bushes or trees.

Of course, when you choose our lawn care only in the growing season, we provide outstanding on-time service. You can enlist our service beginning at any time during the year, allowing our professional team to assume care of your lawn and grounds. From that point on, you can rest assured you have filled the prescription for returning your property to health.

Summertime is the classic time to schedule commercial lawn maintenance. From scheduled mowing, management of fertilization, weed control and insect management, summer is clearly the time for intensive care. How much to water is a week-to-week decision requiring experts. If there are branches that need trimming after a storm, or plants washed out by a summer storm, we are there on schedule to deal with it immediately.

Spring commercial lawn maintenance is essential. This is the critical time for proper feeding of soil. Amateur grounds keepers make two critical mistakes: they fertilize too soon, and they mow too close. The damage these errors cause lawns can be extensive. It is a vital reason to call in our professional lawn service. Also, pruning of shrubs and trees is necessary in spring.

Fall is the time for leaf removal, gutter cleaning, and attention to the Ph level of the soil which usually entails professional application of lime or sulfur. This is the time for herbicides on some types of weeds. Thatch removal is a fall necessity in order to have a lush spring. Heavily compacted soil should be aerated.

What is winter commercial lawn maintenance?
It is a time for attention to lawns, even though they are covered in snow and ice during some of our winters. Trampled, slushy snow can cause severe crown damage to the grass. Professional care determines the areas at risk, and not only provides emergency care but also recommends options for reducing traffic on those unwanted paths. Snow mould fungal diseases do severe damage when snow is deep and melts slowly, particularly when a receding snow drift remains for a few days. There are professional-grade chemicals we can use to combat these fungi. But we have to spot them in winter.

Regardless of the time of year our partnership begins, you protect and grow your landscape investment with our professional service.

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