Cleaning Gutters


Cleaning gutters is something homeowners hate! That’s why we offer our professional gutter cleaning service. We handle the wet, smelly mess that builds up, and enable you to stay safely off of roofs and ladders. Don’t let a backup in a gutter or downspout ruin your siding, roofing and the foundation of your home.

Cleaning gutters professionally avoids costly repairs to your home
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We’ll come out twice a year
It only takes a few months for debris to build up. The best times for cleaning gutters are spring and fall. There oughta be a law mandating fall! Of course, falling leaves wreak havoc with proper water flow. But it has as much to with winter as fall. Improper drainage of the roof can lead to an ice dam, which can collapse your roof. If the water isn’t smoothly being diverted away from the house, it will freeze, which can crack and separate seams of your guttering system.

But spring is also essential for cleaning gutters. They make inviting nesting areas for birds and rodents. The last of the fall leaves blow off in winter storms. If you have an asphalt shingle roof, it can shed granules, which collect and cause backups. Like fall, spring is a wet season. Wet debris doesn’t flow, it clogs.

You’re saying, “But wait a minute. I bought screens!”
Do screens and guards keep gutters completely clear? We think it makes them a little better, but most homeowners find cleaning gutters is still necessary. Covers handle big leaves and branches. But smaller stuff, like dirt, silt, tree pollen and roofing granules get through screens. In a wet spring or fall, that becomes sludge. The folks who sold them to you probably said you’d never clean gutters again. The fact is you can maybe get by with once a year.

This is genuine preventative maintenance for your house
The water damage can be swift and devastating if you have a clog. If you avoid cleaning gutters, water will pool at your foundation, causing cracks, buckling and leaking. It is called hydrostatic pressure, and it simply means your basement walls are no match for the weight and pressure of wet earth. If your gutters are clogged you need to act now and protect your home.

It is vital to ensure that water isn’t running down the siding of your house. When water gets into the seams and gets behind the exterior, you’re looking at wood rot, and the cost of replacing insulation. It can pass on through to drywall. Replacing rotted fascia is not cheap. Now you’re planning a major renovation, when you could simply have used our affordable service and avoided expensive damage.

What is our process for cleaning gutters?
We use high-powered blowers and low-tech hands to get all leaves, debris, muck and sludge out. Then we flush the system, to make certain water is flowing smoothly and as designed. It sometimes happens that a clog is so persistent that we may have to disassemble a section (most often a downspout) to get it fully clear. Of course, we professionally re-assemble it. This tactic is most often required if gutters have been neglected.

To prevent a large build up of leaves and branches, you may choose to utilize our landscaping services to trim back any overhanging branches.

Cleaning gutters professionally is an investment
in the long term integrity of your home
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