Backyard Landscaping


We create backyard landscaping to fit any sized area and any budget. Homeowners are making more of the space behind their house than a lush lawn alone. Flower beds and rock gardens create graceful outdoor living. Landscape lighting opens the area to evening enjoyment, too.

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Landscape design is so much more than situating shrubs. A professional plan and installation pays immediate rewards in relaxation and fun. Long term, it increases the value of your home. It has become an essential service on a landscape contractor – such as we are – can get it done right and bring it home on budget.

Let us create an island flower bed. Modern backyard landscaping has broken from the tradition of planting flowers only “up against the house and garage, in front of the bushes”. An island of flowers becomes the focal point in a “sea” of green lawn. Flower beds bring color and interest to the middle of a lawn; break up a gentle slope; and enliven a corner. Let us create an oasis of plants, rocks, and low shrubs.

Raised vegetable gardens are popular backyard landscaping. We will build the planting bed higher than the ground surrounding it, and then edge it in rock, timber and other natural materials that set it off. It’s another break from tradition: there is no need to hide your colorful rows of vegetables. Bring them front and center, but make them architecturally interesting by choosing a raised vegetable garden. By the way, island flower beds look terrific when raised, too.

How much green grass do you want? A lush lawn will always anchor backyard landscaping. We will discuss with you how much grass you want. Some homeowners prefer very little; they like looking at the gardens and flower beds. Others need space for the kids, for a swing set or volleyball net, and for pets to run. We make landscaping work for you. We will install sod and plant seed to give you the deep green living carpet you love.

Mulch and rock beds are beautiful, and perform a vital function. In dry weather, they help hold on to moisture for trees, bushes and shrubs. By creating a ring or oval of mulch or rock, one living thing is not competing against another for water. As backyard landscaping goes, this is a good-looking, good-for-the-greenery essential.

Terraces are a boon to many owners of the older homes in our area. They often have a sloping yard. Terraces are the perfect solution for creating usable space in a sloping backyard. We create a “step-up” of plantings, rocks and flowers that make that slope admirable. The design can include actual steps, to connect one level of yard to another. You pick up usable space with terracing.

Retaining walls can be terraces and they can also be a single wall made beautiful. If a slope or hill slides, it’s a problem. We built a strong and secure retaining wall, and make it attractive with stone facing. We can make a seating area out of it; it can have a flower garden attached. This is backyard landscaping that adds good looks to good land management.

Lighting will give a whole new nighttime look, as well as add security and safety. New energy-efficient LED and CFL bulbs and fixtures throw off a warm glow you will love. Landscape lighting in the snow is also stunning.

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