What We Offer

We call ourselves A Kick in the Grass Lawn Service to describe what we do: kick start the health of our customers’ lawns either with leading edge landscaping care and maintenance services – or by installing a brand new lawn that will grow quickly to lush, green health. But that only begins our list of licensed and bonded landscape contracting services:

  1. Lawn care and fertilization
  2. Commercial lawn maintenance
  3. Tree and bush trimming
  4. Backyard landscaping ideas, including flower beds and gardens
  5. Front yard landscaping ideas including flower beds
  1. Leaf removal service
  2. Lawn aeration
  3. Overseeding lawn
  4. Mulching
  5. Cleaning gutters
  6. Building retaining walls

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Lawn care:

We have only just begun when cutting and trimming greenery. Our regular maintenance schedule includes removing pests, chasing away disease; using herbicides, pesticides and fertilization to nurture the grass and always maintaining proper irrigation. We take the word “care” seriously. We get to know your lawn, and come to care about its health.

Commercial lawn maintenance is an investment in a good image. Our commercial property customers who are making a smart investment in the first impression their property gives visitors and clients. If you are a building owner; building manager; home owner’s association; apartment complex manager or industrial property caretaker, call us.

Landscaping ideas:

In a backyard or front yard, the trend is toward island flower beds. Flower beds bring color and interest to the middle of a lawn; make excellent use of a slope, can fill out a corner and bring architectural interest away from the foundation of the home and out into the yard. Raised vegetable gardens are popular backyard landscaping ideas. The planting bed is higher than the surrounding lawn, and edged. We have hundreds of ideas to make both of your yards showplaces.

Lawn aeration lets your lawn breathe and make use of natural and applied fertilizers. It is the professional groundskeepers “right arm”, because it gets oxygen gets to the roots, nutrients to the root system, soaks the soil and, thins thatch, and loosens soil. Compacted soil strangles healthy growth.

Overseeding lawn care is another professionals greens keeper’s tool, that turns thatched, thin grass bright green and thick; the more grass you have, the more it battles weeds and pests; it allows us to introduce new grass varieties that ward off disease.

Leaf removal service handles the fall mess that can overwhelm lawns, flower beds and gardens; decks and porches and steps; sidewalks and driveways; curbs and ditches. Only trained landscaping professionals come to your home or commercial property, utilizing backpack blowers and rakes to get every scrap, and to bag it and haul it away if you prefer.

Cleaning gutters is not only another fall essential, but it should be at least twice a year, because it only takes a few months for debris to build up. If you avoid cleaning gutters, water will pool at your foundation, causing cracks, buckling and leaking. Water running down the siding of your house gets into the seams, rotting wood and ruining insulation. It is affordable preventive maintenance.

Retaining walls turn slopes into space you can enjoy. They are a work of engineering that will hold back a mound of soil yet give you living space and interesting landscaping – at your home or commercial property.

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